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Scott Siewert

Scott Siewert

Scott has enjoyed 30 years in performance marketing and is President of Fab at Incentives. His experience and skills have translated into successful programs including five-star incentive travel and points programs, innovative employee recognition programs, and meetings and events. He is an advocate for using technology to improve the participant experience. He has contributed to the design, sales and account management of a combined total of 15 consecutive years’ worth of SITE and IMA award-winning incentive programs. Scott’s hallmark is developing incentive rules and structures that successfully “Move the Middle” performers. To illustrate this commitment, he has completed the course on ROI Analysis by The ROI Institute. He has been to 101 countries on 6 continents photographing each adventure. He has a Master of Business Administration from Emory University with a Finance concentration. He serves as Chair for the Incentive Research Foundation’s Sponsor Development committee.

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Teamwork Produces Sales Incentive Program Results

Teamwork was and is the key to success with sales incentive program design and results. Teamwork brought success to the Apollo 11 moon landing 50...

Scott Siewert

100 Years Ago World War 1 Ended. Thank You Veterans!

It was 100 years ago today that World War 1 ended. That is 36,525 days since November 11, 1918. On this Sunday, November 11, 2018, Fab at Incentives...

Scott Siewert

Unique Events for Sales Incentives - 18 Years Ago Today - Total Solar Eclipse in Salzburg, Austria - 8/11/99

Seeing a Total Solar Eclipse was the highlight from an August, 1999 European trip. The ultimate event during this European odyssey was witnessing the...

Scott Siewert

Happy 10th Anniversary of the New 7 Wonders of the World

It has been a decade today (July 7, 2017) that the New 7 Wonders of the World were announced - July 7, 2007. More than 100,000,000 votes chose the...

Scott Siewert

The Academy Awards Best Picture - Oh La La for Moonlight!

We thank you for reading our blog! Can you believe what happened at The Academy Awards last Sunday. Wow! Moonlight was robbed for a few minutes of...

Scott Siewert
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