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When clients come to us for destination help at Fab at Incentives, the initial question is typically, “What is the #1 destination for a successful Incentive Travel program that the majority of participants will love?” For us that’s a no brainer. The answer is unequivocally Hawaii! Scott Siewert, the president of Fab at Incentives has personally been to Hawaii 65+ times, with 50+ of those times being incentive trips he has sited, planned and executed.  Our team’s expertise in this slice of paradise is unparalleled.


Let’s break down what makes Hawaii Fab.


  1. Fab Weather - The temperature ranges from an average of 85 degrees in the summer to 78 degrees in the winter months, thus never too hot or too cold.


  1. Fab Scenery - Jump off the top of a waterfall into a beautiful blue lagoon, hike around an active volcano, snorkel with see turtles or go whale watching in the clear blue ocean.


  1. Fab Relaxation - There are 48 five-star hotels/resorts in Hawaii, not to mention spas which will cater to all your needs to unwind and destress.


  1. Fab Food - Hawaiian food is an international mixture of culture and taste. You can experience a fusion of tastes from China, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico and Thailand. Also, many people enjoy trying out the local Hawaiian dishes made with fresh topical ingredients that are regional to the islands.


  1. Fab Adventure – There is no shortage of exciting outdoor experiences in Hawaii. Scuba with eagle rays and sea turtles, mountain bike, take a surfing class, or zipline through forest canopies.


  1. Fab Shopping - Shop local designers like Tori Richard, pick up local handicrafts, and enjoy farmers markets which sell Kona coffee and macadamia nuts.


  1. Fab Safety - Incentive groups feel safe and secure with the warm and welcoming locals.


The Bottom line – There is no need to look anywhere else. Hawaii has it all!!

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